#TacoMonday: Taco Soup?


We’re going to be completely honest here. Tonight’s dish was an unplanned surprise. We originally set out to make yummy salad taco, BUT…that didn’t happen. Instead, we ended up making a taco soup, sort of. What made us change gears was the fact that the intended dressing, was too watery to use atop the saladRead more

Our Weekly Top 10: The Top Foods For The Opening Week Of Pro Football!

Once again, the opening week of football season is at our door! With a crazy off-season full of drama like “Deflate-gate,”  brand-new scoring rules that nobody likes or the Cleveland Browns new meh uniforms, the season couldn’t come quick enough.  via GIPHY If you’re throwing a party, it’s important to give your guests some memorable veganRead more

Celebrate Vegan Travel & Culture! Read Driftwood Magazine! [Review]

Source: Driftwood Magazine If there’s ever been a magazine with an apropos name, it’s the new Driftwood, which proudly commits to “A celebration of what is possible in a vegan world.” This freshly carved vegan collective promises travel and culture for the “graduated vegan,” and they deliver in spades. Like a piece actual of driftwood,Read more

Fresh n’ Lean: Meal Delivery with the Organic Vegan Goods! [Product Review]

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again, this is an exciting time to be vegan. New vegan restaurants are popping up, delicious and amazing products are hitting the market, and more people than ever are are watching documentaries that espouse the benefits of a vegan diet or that show the plightRead more

Our Weekly Top 10: The Most Commonly Mispronounced Vegan Utterances We’ve Heard…So Far!

There’s an old vegan saying that goes: ‘He that is without sin among you, let him or her toss the first scone!’ Okay, we made that up, but you get the point. No vegan in history was born with the innate ability to pronounce all foods (vegan or otherwise) correctly, so we must reserve judgement.Read more