Fresh n’ Lean: Meal Delivery with the Organic Vegan Goods! [Product Review]


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again, this is an exciting time to be vegan. New vegan restaurants are popping up, delicious and amazing products are hitting the market, and more people than ever are are watching documentaries that espouse the benefits of a vegan diet or that show the plight of animals.Veganism is entering the mainstream! Now, if only there were a company that delivered complete vegan meals to your home or office.then we would really have something special. Well, perhaps someone found a lamp, rubbed it, and asked a genie to hook us up because the wish of such a vegan meal delivery service has come true, compliments of the Chino Hills-based Fresh n’ Lean

The good folks at Fresh n’ Lean have devised a delivery service that sends made to order organic vegan meals to those who want to eat vegan and healthy. Their meals are sent in special insulated/refrigerated containers that keeps their food fresh and not frozen. Their entire menu offers dishes that are GMO-free, low-sodium, and contain ingredients that you’ll be able to recognize and pronounce, as they don’t use artificial ones. Since the meals are already cooked, all you have to do is heat them up on a stove top, in a microwave or in a conventional oven. Bringing a Fresh n’ Lean meal to your job is especially convenient if you work in an area that doesn’t offer a lot of vegan options, like my job in suburban NJ!  They also offer an eclectic array of meals, with categories that include Mediterranean, Continental, Asian, and South American. Although their meals are randomly sent, Fresh n’ Lean does offer a customized meal plan for those who want specific dishes. 

heartygranola pack

When our Fresh n’ Lean shipment came, we were eager to see what arrived, as we love to receive packages, as do our cats who will try and open them before we do! Hey, whose food is this?! We ended up getting a week’s worth of meals that really ranged in style. Of the numerous meals we sampled, the ones that stood out most were the Hearty Granola (which we paired with the Breakfast Oatmeal), the Italian Greens with Quinoa and the Taste of India Split Pea and Rice! 

granola in bowl fnl      fnl2      fnl

We really enjoyed the convenience of having meals delivered right to our little abode in the Bronx. And even though we enjoy cooking at home, it felt really great to not have to cook for an entire week. Fresh n’ Lean’s services are perfect for folks who are busy or simply like the convenience of having ready to eat vegan meals sent weekly or a la carte! Another plus of using their service is that they will also accommodate you if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, if you give them adequate time to make an adjustment. Fresh n’ Lean’ chefs are dedicated to making fresh, quality food that’s for everyone. 


Our friends at Fresh n’ Lean are extending a special offer to our readers! Receive 15% off meals plans (excludes A la Carte menu) by using the promotional code FoodDuo at checkout.

To learn more about Fresh n’ Lean, make sure to visit their website at or call them at 888-420-4080.