Our Weekly Top 10: The Top Foods For The Opening Week Of Pro Football!

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Once again, the opening week of football season is at our door! With a crazy off-season full of drama like “Deflate-gate,”  brand-new scoring rules that nobody likes or the Cleveland Browns new meh uniforms, the season couldn’t come quick enough. 


If you’re throwing a party, it’s important to give your guests some memorable vegan yummies, especially if the game ends up sucking or your guests are not actually interested in football. You can also bring some goodies to an omnivore’s party or tailgate to show them how vegan’s throw down. 

source: hngn.com
source: hngn.com

Top 10 Foods For the Opening Week Of Football. As always, the list is in no particular order.  

  1. Loaded Nachos – Who doesn’t love nachos? The beauty of serving this favorite of fan favorites  is that you load them with almost anything; they’re pretty hard to screw up. If you can, splurge for the better quality,  unsalted tortilla chips or make your own! 
source: ilovevegan.com
source: ilovevegan.com

2. Pizza Muffins – There’s something glorious about noshing on those crunchy little pizza pies while watching a bunch of very large men knocking the tar out of each other. Ahhhh, pizza muffins! Watch our classic video below (directed by Martin Scorcese…well, actually directed by my BFF, Hugo.) 

3. Chili – Chili and football are a match made in vegan Valhalla. It doesn’t matter what type of vegan chili you serve up during a game, just serve it! Make sure to have a few types of hot sauces on hand for your more adventurous guests. 


4. Chik’n Tenders – Whether you make your own or cook up a commercial brand, serving chik’n tenders with your favorite dipping sauce is a must during opening weekend!

source: wilipedia
source: wilipedia

5. Sammiches – Little sandwiches really hit the spot! You can serve traditional heroes, chik’n salad on bagels (as pictured below), or set up a little sammy station where your guests can assemble their own  sub, hoagie or Dagwood! 


6. Potato Skins – Easy, yummy,  versatile and they look like little footballs. What more can you ask for? 

source: hellyeahitsvegan.com
source: hellyeahitsvegan.com

7. Cookies –  Cookies are also pleasing to your posse and also happen to be  a great “gateway” food for your omnivore friends.  Here’s a recipe for some amazing anginetti (lemon drop cookies)


8. Mixed Drinks –   Give your blender a workout and whip up some tasty, refreshing libations. Get creative and mix a few with the colors of your favorite team. Although making drinks in the color of the New Orleans Saints might present a challenge. 

source: static.communitytable.parade.com
source: static.communitytable.parade.com

9. Sushi – Vegan sushi is becoming more common & you can find them in many supermarkets or your local sushi restaurant. Of course you can get creative or daring and make weird ones like we once did…we made hot dog sushi.    


10.  Stromboli –  No Top 10 list opening week of football  would be complete without stromboli! Make sure to pronounce them, STROM-BOWL-EEEEE!


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  1. Vegan taco bar! Get tons of taco shells, make a filling with veggie crumbles, heat up some black beans, cut some veggies, and let your guests make their own tacos (or they can use tortilla chips to make nachos). My boyfriend and I will sometimes do that when we’re watching a Caps away game.

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