Spicy Crabless Salad with Gardein Mini Crabless Cakes! [Recipe & Product Review]

When your other half has a fish & seafood allergy that is so sensitive that he cannot deal with a “fish-like” smell from vegan fish, you know you’ve struck gold with a recipe he’ll sample without him making a face! That’s what happened when I made this Spicy Crabless Salad for a couple of take-to-work meals. Read more

Trader Giotto’s Organic Riced Cauliflower [Review + Recipe]

Have you heard about Trader Giotto’s Organic Riced Cauliflower? NO?!?!?! This has to be one of the best, if not THE BEST, products to come from Trader Joe’s to date. It’s so hot right now that some locations are having trouble keeping it in stock. In fact, we learned that one store has a “wait list”Read more

What Would Carlo Eat? Episode 9: Kite Hill Yogurt [Product Review]


Since the Spring, we’ve been grieving the loss of my beloved vegan yogurt, WholeSoy. we’ve lamented its dissolution, as have our cat kiddos who loved the tang and creaminess of that soy yogurt goodness. When we heard that Kite Hill was coming out with a line of almond-based yogurts, we didn’t know what to expect.Read more

DIY Holiday Leftovers Sandwiches with Gardein Holiday Roast

Gardein Holiday Roast in Box

Roasts are not just for special events or holidays. They can be a great dish that can spread across a couple of meals, especially if you’re in a smaller household like we are. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there’s no better time like now to plan for how to deal with those leftovers! We’veRead more

What Would Carlo Eat? – Episode 8 – Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

what would carlo eat episode 8

First, allow me, Carmella, to preface that the recording of this video spurred dueling reviews of Taste Nirvana‘s Real Happy Coconut Water with Thai Chili Extract . Granted, I know that Carlo has not been a fan of coconut water…at all. However, the whole point of why we do these episodes is to have Carlo eat/drinkRead more