Toad Style Brings the Vegan Street Food Ruckus to Bed Stuy, Brooklyn


“Vegan out, vegan in” might be the new mantra for New York City’s vegan scene of late.  Over the past year we’ve lost some of the best vegan spots in all of the Big Apple. Among them, Lan Café, Pukk and Tiengarden are all but a memory. Some of their more dedicated diners (like us) have still not gotten over the shock of their absence. On the positive side, several new vegan and vegan-friendly places have sprouted up, namely Superiority Burger, VSpot Organic‘s Manhattan location, by Chloe, 3 Brothers Vegan Café (Long Island) and now Toad Style in Brooklyn! 

Located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, Toad Style comes to down to “bring the ruckus” with a kung-fu takedown to street food. An exciting vegan first for the neighboorhood, there are burgers, sandwiches, subs, sides and Manhattan Special sodas for EVERYONE!

After an hour of post-work travels from New Jersey, we braved through traffic like Shaolin masters to reach Ralph Avenue to a small bodega-sized spot, adorned with obscure movie posters and spartan furnishings. Want to see more art? Check the bathroom for several Boris Vallejo prints!

To say that “the joint was jumping” would be an understatement. The teensy spot was filled to the brim with people buzzing, punk music blaring and a kitchen overwhelmed! When we placed our order, we decided on take-away and were given the head’s up that it would be 30 minutes. We didn’t mind, because we ran into our friend Evan and were able to let time fly. 
We ended up ordering the BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, Bánh mì, Fried Cauliflower, Fried Pickles, and a couple of Manhattan Specials espresso coffee drinks. 


Before we left, the Manhattan Specials needed to be downed right then and there. If you’ve never tried a Manhattan Special you must give them a ride. It’s basically a caffeine-laden espresso soda that will explode when you open it, no really, they act like Mt. Vesuvius upon opening! 

We fought off the desire to nosh on the aromatic goodies on the way home so we could photograph them for our blog; oh, the sacrifice! As soon as we arrived home the feast was on. 


BBQ Pulled Jackfruit: Smoked jackfruit, house BBQ sauce, coleslaw, spicy pickles and onion jam

This sandwich was the best of the 4 items! The BBQ sauce onion jam with the pickles and…WOW! That vinegary flavor with the sweet coleslaw was delicious and went well with the smoked jackfruit. Carm loves jackfruit and now wants to know how to smoke it at home for other dishes!

Fried Cauliflower: Breaded and fried with dipping sauce

Sadly, Toad Style was out of their hand-cut fries by the time we arrived. However, the fried cauliflower was a nice stand-in. The cauliflower was tender, sweet with a little spice kick. The breading was even with the right amount just covering the florets. The dipping sauce was like tsatziki sauce, pretty refreshing!


Bánh Mi Sandwich: Coconut crusted fried oyster mushrooms, pickled daikon and carrots, fresh cilantro, hothouse cucumber, lime aioli, five-spice mushroom pate and hothouse chili sauce

As some of you may know from our recent by Chloe review, Carlo dislikes mushrooms. However, he loves Banh Mi sandwiches. The thought of something coconut-crusted and fried allowed him to put aside his disdain for funghi to try this sandwich. Overall, it was very good. Carlo said he thought the mushroom had a texture like seitan, but it didn’t have the punch of flavor he loves. We didn’t get the coconut flavor, and the lime aioli was bland. The aioli wasn’t evenly spread, nor were pickled veggies and cucumber. We think that could have made a huge difference. So, of course, we’re going to try it again…soon!

Fried Pickles

We’ve recently developed a love for fried pickles. So, we had to try them! Breaded and fried with a crunch, the sourness of the pickles with added heat really made these a winner. The same cool dipping sauce was served, as with the cauliflower. Comparing the fried veggies, we liked the pickles a little more. Both were done well.  

We love hole-in-the-wall vegan eateries like Toad Style. And like many new places, they have a few knots to untangle. Don’t let the few fixable chinks in their armor dissuade you from popping down there. Once they streamline their system, and shave off some waiting time, they’ll going to have a loyal following.  But for now you may want to call ahead.


Toad Style
93 Ralph Avenue
Brooklyn, New York