What We Ate in L.A. – Donut Friend

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After grubbing on some amazing vegan Cuban eats, we had some time before checking into our hotel. So, how do you follow up Equelecua? How about VEGAN DONUTS at Donut Friend?!?
The one place we absolutely visit each time in LA is Donut Friend in Highland Park! Why? Because it’s AHHHHMAAZZZZING! But you say “Hey! You got Dun-Well in NYC and Dottie’s in Philly! Why are you tripping over some donuts in LA?” Despite the fact that we trip over vegan donuts no matter where they are, each spot has something unique. So let us tell you about Donut Friend!

donut friend donuts
Donut Friend has our heart because they name their donuts after many of our favorite musicians and bands, as part of their Signature Collection! On this most recent outing, we got

  • Bacon 182 is all-day breakfast! Maple glaze and coconut bacon…on a donut! You can never go wrong with that. It may actually make us fans of Blink-182 (ok. that may be a stretch)
  • Polar Berry Club makes donuts taste refreshing! Lemon glaze with FRESH berries and mint! This is the donut you eat on the porch with a glass of iced tea and watch the people go by. Just keep them off of your lawn, because they’ll try to steal your donut!

When you can, try any of their Limited Editions. We dug into:

  • Green Teagan and Sara with matcha green tea glaze, black sesame seeds and raspberry dust! SO GOOD!
  • S’morrissey is just like it sounds: A s’mores donut in honor of the Pope of Mope which is really a light that never goes out, but in a totally happy way!

And that’s not all!

donut friend topo chico

Let us tell you about the DIY Donuts!! Yes, DIY stands for “Do It Yourself.” Once you round the donut case, you are met with a donut BAR! You just pick the donut of your choice and go to town to make it all your own! Your options are on the board and then all the fillings, glazes and toppings become your arsenal of sugary mastery!

Want some examples?

Carlo had this beauty made:

donut friend diy coffee

  • Chocolate cake donut
  • Coffee ice cream
  • Cherry compote
  • Maple Glaze

Carm had:

donut friend dyi banana

  • Glazed donut
  • Banana cream
  • Chik-o-stick pieces
  • Sprinkles
  • Fudge drizzle

Wow, right? And friends, these yummies are ALL VEGAN! You just have to go there to see if for yourself, because donuts are getting done differently there!

Donut Friend
5107 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90065

If you’re not yet in sugar shock, then join us for our next post on Stop #3, Magpies Softserve!