What We Ate in L.A. – Breakfast at Kitchen Mouse

kitchen mouse featured

After scarfing down all the eats and treats when we arrived, you’d think we’d want to take things lightly. NOPE, especially when meeting up with our friend, Jessica at Kitchen Mouse. Breakfast eats in a cute spot, where there’s a play area for little ones, like Carlo (HA!), is just what we needed before our drive to Anaheim.

Kitchen Mouse is located in Highland Park, which seriously is one of our favorite neighbors in town. There’s a lot to see, do and eat as a vegan. And we’re so very glad that Kitchen Mouse is now one of them.

When you enter this all-vegetarian restaurant, it’s got a very calming sense to it, even when it’s buzzing with hungry LA folks. Maybe it’s the light colors or the collection of kitschy vintage kitchenware that put us at ease. Maybe it’s the play area that is great for families. OR, maybe it is the little mouse-like details that even makes Mickey want to leave Disney for the day! It’s a place where you don’t feel rushed. You can take your time with your meal amongst company. The waitstaff is so kind and personable!

When Jessica suggested Kitchen Mouse and we saw the menu, we went online to look at the menu. While we trust our friend’s food recommendations, we needed an idea of what to eat. AND O-M-G! There it was! Mickey’s CHILAQUILES!!! Any spot that offers vegan chilaquiles is a HUGE WIN in our books.

Note: If you don’t know what chilaquiles are, it’s a Mexican dish of fried tortillas smothered in salsa or mole with black beans and other yummy things!

Mickey’s Chilaquiles are corn chips covered in enchilada sauce with black beans, cilantro sauce, pepitas, vegan cheese sauce, serrano slaw, avocado and LOVE! We forewent the addition of tofu scramble. WOW, this dish was everything and more. Carm purposely took her time with these because you just have to savor the chilaquiles when you have the chance!

Well, that took care of one dish! What else should we try? With eyes bigger than our stomachs, breakfast tacos brought forth a resounding “YES!” These tacos were made vegan with tofu scramble, cilantro, serrano slaw, chipotle cream and poblano mashed potatoes! WOWOWOWOW! Carm was lucky to get a bite, but Carlo pretty much finished this plate in 3-2-1…DONE!


The food was great! The atmosphere was awesome! The company is always an amazing joy, especially when you don’t get to see your friend but once a year! For sure, Kitchen Mouse will be on our list for breakfast next time!

If not anything else, but for more photos of Carlo in a play area reading best selling books about firemen!


Kitchen Mouse
5904 N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90042