What We Ate in L.A. – Equelecua Cuban Cafe

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Over the next few posts, we’ll share our L.A. and Anaheim eats with you, starting with Equelecua Cuban Cafe.

Our time in L.A. was short & sweet! Trying to fit as much as our stomachs would allow in less than 48 hours was a challenge, but we were up for it. Not a bad meal from the moment we landed til we packed up the rental car for our drive to Anaheim!

Stop #1:  Equelecua Cuban Cafe

Thanks to our friends on the West Coast, Equelecua Cuban Cafe has been on our radar for a minute. So, guess where our first stop was! Seriously!!! We got off of the plane, picked up our rental car and drove 5 minutes to fill our bellies! You know we had to get the Cuban Sandwich, but we also went for the Mojo Wings (Alitas) and a side order of Maduros!

equelecua cuban

We were greeted by Johnathan, with whom we had a mutual friend! He was so awesome, going out of his way to check in with folks. He even made Carlo a special iced coffee, which they normally don’t do! Right there earned him major points!

Equelecua Cuban Cafe is a woman-owned business. The owner has taken traditional Cuban recipes from her family and put her own homemade spin on it.

equelecua cuban sandwich

Back to that Cuban Sandwich! Homemade vegan roast pork!!!!! Melty, yummy vegan Swis cheese (SAY WHAT?!?!), organic pickles Vegenaise & mustard!!! Their menu says “Pressed to perfection” and that’s the truth! It was served with yucca fries and a yummy garlicky mojo sauce. (Seriously, Carlo wanted to swim in the mojo…that’s how much he loved it).

equelecua cuban wings

The wings were filling yet light! Soy-based with a lot of flavor in the fry…and again with the yummy mojo sauce for dipping.

equelecua cuban maduros

The maduros! We love plantains. If the only thing left were the maduros, We would have been happy with just that…and the mojo! So so so good.

We’re still raving over this spot! We wished we had more time in LA to get some to go for the return to the East Coast! Alas, that just means we have to make another trip soon. Plus, we want to check out Three Weavers Brewery, just walking distance away for a nice beer pairing with these eats!

Equelecua Cuban Cafe
1120 W Florence Ave
Inglewood, CA 9030

Stay tuned for Stop #2 on our trip, Donut Friend!