What We Ate in L.A. – Burgerlords (Chinatown)

burgerlords chinatown featured

After taking a couple of hours to chill out and rest up, we felt it was about that time to try the vegan eats at Burgerlords in Chinatown!

Back when we were over at Donut Friend, a friend gave us the head’s up that Burgerlords had a location on the next block. However, that location wouldn’t be open until 5pm, and we still had more to explore in town. Knowing their Chinatown location was closer to our hotel, we decided to delay our Burgerlords adventure to dinner!

burgerlords chinatown sign

Let us first put in a joint statement that any place that has Topo Chico Mineral Water as part of its beverage menu is A-Ok with us!! And any place that uses Follow Your Heart cheese and Thousand Island dressing for their vegan burgers is also A-Ok! And any place that let’s you make it a double is also A-Ok!

Neither of us had ever been to In-N-Out Burger. Our Cali friends kept telling us that Burgerlords is a lot like that, but better! Bottom line: “Expect to be blown away!”

burgerlords chinatown meal

We loved that Burgerlords was a total walk-up-to-the-window type of spot with benches and tables to hang outside and chill. In fact, both locations are walk-up windows! With that being said, they’re also quick. From order to number call, it looks less about 5 minutes to get our eats and start to grub.

The menu is pretty basic: Hamburger. Cheeseburger. Vegan Cheeseburger. All can be doubled. That’s where the basic ends.

Carlo went for the Double Vegan Cheeseburger and Lord of the Fries. Carmella just had a single Vegan Cheeseburger. Yes, there was Topo Chico for drinking, but that’s not what you want to know about here, right?

burgerlords chinatown burger

The vegan burgers are a blend of grains and vegetables. It has a nice, meat-like texture, but it doesn’t have a meaty flavor. Don’t expect something like the Beyond Burger, but also don’t expect anything like a Dr. Praeger type of burger either. It’s a full, sense burger with great seasoning with something we picked up as garam masala. The spice was nicely balanced, not in your face. It went well with cheese, Thousand Island dressing, veggies (lettuce, tomato & onions) and the bun. It was a true burger experience without the fear that it tastes like meat.

As a single cheeseburger, the experience was great. Everything held up well. With the double cheeseburger, Carlo struggled because the burger was big! It actually started falling apart. While some may say that’s a bummer, the burger was so good that he was glad to shove the fallen bits into his face with a fork!

burgerlords chinatown fries

What about the fries?!?! Well, we ordered the “Lord of the Fries” in its veganized glory with vegan cheese, caramelized onions and Thousand Island dressing. They were ridiculously good. The onions really took the fries to a whole other level.

burgerlords chinatown carlo

Needless to say, we were in a vegan foodie trance with all this awesomeness. Yes, the Topo Chico just hooked us in even more to wash it all down! Imagine if we did this right after Donut Friend? We’d definitely be in trouble…of the best kind!

Burgerlords (Chinatown location)
943 N Broadway #102
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Oh, we didn’t call it a night just yet. Stay tuned for our final stop on Day #1, Yoga-Urt in Glendale, CA!