What We Ate in L.A. – Donut Farm

donut farm feature

LA is a unique city known for many, many things. Great beaches, Hollywood, traffic and latecomers to Dodgers games are just a few things that make LA, well…LA. And there are donuts…vegan donuts abound! Despite eating an ample and satisfying breakfast, we decided to give Donut Farm a try. After all, we only visit LA once a year and wanted to cram as much vegan goodness down our gullets before heading south to Anaheim.

Nestled in the heart of Silver Lake, Donut Farm is wee place that offers a decent amount of cake-style donuts and fritters. Let is be known that this location is #3 in their chain of donut shops, which includes locations in Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley, CA! This is no means your standard coffee & donut stop!

First, the cake-style donuts are more like HUGE cake balls with great flavors from the glaze to the dough. They’re dense and drool-worthy. Whether it’s the Classic Orange Creamsicle or Lemon Poppyseed or their Top Shelf Salted Caramel, there’s so much joy to deliciously go from hand to mouth.

Then, there are their raised donuts! In particular and the reason we went, the fritters are full of flavor, sticky with glaze but not greasy from the fry. We ordered the apple fritter this trip, and it did not disappoint. It was actually one of the best and full fritters we’ve ever had. It was perfectly cooked; no soft/running dough in the center. The apple with the light glaze was great, tasting sweet apples with just about every bite.

Again, we just had breakfast at Kitchen Mouse. So, our bellies were full. For complete transparency, it literally took us 2 days to eat the 2 cake donuts and the apple fritter we took “for the road.” So much food, but very happy tummies, which allowed us to savor these eats.

You may be wondering how these donuts compare to Donut Friend? Well, that would be like apples to oranges. If you’re a cake donut person, then Donut Farm is for you! If you’re into raised donuts, then it’s Donut Friend. BUT Fritters…yeah back to Donut Farm you go!

How do you like your donuts? Let us know in the comments! In the meantim  e, we’ll continue sharing our eats in LA with a visit to Lento Market, coming up!

Donut Farm
2609 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026