Vegan Breakfast Club – Weekly Challenge #2 – Toast

Our Vegan Breakfast Club has been moving right along with daily shares of breakfast eats and treats. As we previously posted, we also have a weekly breakfast challenge going on. While we’re nearing the end of Week 3, let’s share our Week 2 results on that week’s challenge of TOAST!

vegan breakfast club toast

Toast isn’t just for butter and jelly! Whether you like it French or loaded with avocado, the options are endless! And it doesn’t matter if you use a toaster, oven, stovetop, air fryer or what have you to make your toast. It’s all about the crisp and crunch with a spread, sauce or just having it plain with tea.

Thanks to Jacqulyn, Somer, Sarah, Lauren, Jennifer, Dianne, Leinana & Rachel for their delicious contributions to our second Weekly Breakfast Challenge! Check out the below slideshow, but be warned…you may need to drool-proof your devices!

We’re winding down Week 3’s challenge on Smoothies, which we’ll share in a couple of days! Week 4 is about to be announced! Join the Vegan Breakfast Club on Facebook to see what we challenge you on next! 

In meantime, tell us how you like your toast in the comments!