What We Ate in L.A. – Bocce Balls from Lento Market

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As the fledgling vegan shop owners of V Marks the Shop, we love seeing vegan businesses pop up! When we heard that LA had a new vegan grocer, we had to make a stop! So after Donut Farm, it was a ride down Sunset Boulevard to pay a visit to Lento Market for snacks for the ride to Anaheim! 

Lento Market is a vegan bodega in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood. Offering a variety of dry goods and prepared foods, it really is making its mark for its deli case of sandwiches, soups and desserts! In addition, they offer a nice offering of locally curated and well-known vegan products.

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Now, we were really stuffed! Checking out their Vegan Specials menu had us salivating. However, our tummies just about threw in the towel until we got to Anaheim. So, we passed on the meatball sliders and the vegan chili, even the cake! However, the sight of these chocolate Bocce Balls filled with peanut butter yummies had to go for the ride!

lento bocce

While the store is small, they make a great use of the space! They essentially veganized a local mini market! It features number of lesser known, newer products, like Power Plant Eggplant Jerky (so good) and imported dried pastas! The layout is easy to navigate and doesn’t feel tight at all. The use of the cases is smart and allows for convenience for grab-and-go customers.

We’re very happy to see what is ahead of Lento Market. Hope to be back on our next trip to LA, especially for these delicious Bocce Balls! OMG!

lento bocce bite

This is the last of our LA stops before heading to Anaheim. We’ll share some of our favorite eats while in SoCal and also share more of our Expo West experience!

Lento Market
1288 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026