VeganMoFo 2017 – Day 4 – Chilled Cider Mix

chilled cider mix header

The randomness of vegan finds is getting to be quite interesting, and it’s only October 4th! Today’s share was Chilled Cider Mix by Maud Borup, Inc. found at a local Target store in the Halloween candy section (of all places). 

chilled cider mix packaging    

Grown ups like Halloween treats, but would you consider Chilled Cider Mix being one of them? Not too sure about that, but the company who makes it, Maud Borup, Inc., is a wholesale candy company out of the Midwest. Seriously, we found this product among Halloween candy (aka “Booporium” at Target). But HEY! It’s fall and that may be good enough!

chilled cider mix contents

What intrigued us was that this mix was a single-serve sized, packaged in a Moscow Mule cup. It comes with directions on how to use the mix. It’s a powdered mix that gets mixed with water and rum or vodka, right in the cup. Then you “chill” the mix in the refrigerator for at least an hour. You can also blend it with some ice to make a slush. 

So, we gave it a go! The mix was in a shiny foil pouch inside the cup. So be sure to wash the cup first, because it does not come with a lid other than the paper packaging that covers the top. 

We decided to try it without the booze. Per the instructions, we added 1 cup of water to the cup and stirred in the powder. Carm said she didn’t think it was enough water, because it only filled up halfway inside the cup. We put the cup in the fridge anyway. 

chilled cider mix mixed

An hour later, we tried the cider. First, Carm sniffed it because cider should smell…like cider, even if it was made with some water and powder mix. It kinda did. Then it was time to sip, and it was overly sweet! So, in went another cup of water to hopefully dilute. Back in the fridge for about 15 minutes, it went. We sipped it again and it still was very sweet, which was a little off-putting and tasted even more artificial than it already was, even for us who LOVE sugary things. 

Maybe the alcohol would have helped to cut the sweetness in some way. We don’t know. We weren’t interested in finding out either. If you want to make a party of chilled cider, forego the mix! Get some Moscow Mule cups, get some real apple cider and have at it!

chilled cider mix mule cup

At least we have a new cup in the cabinet.

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