There’s Lots to Love about Teff Love by Kittee Berns! [Cookbook Review + Giveaway]


We had the good fortune of connecting with the talented Kittee Berns at the last Vida Vegan Con in 2013. Upon meeting her in person, one can see why she’s a very well admired and creative soul. She simply oozes of coolness and you want to get to know her even more! And although we initially knew Kittee for her award-winning vegan and gluten-free blog, Cake Maker to the Stars, it wasn’t long after that we learned of her absolute ardor for Ethiopian cuisine. She eats, sleeps and breathes the much beloved East African fare, so much so she wrote an amazing cookbook on the subject. 

Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking, which is receiving rave reviews, is one of those wonderful niche vegan cooking books that everyone should own. Kittee’s cookbook makes Ethiopian cooking, easy, fun and accessible. This remarkably thorough guide breaks down all things vegan Ethiopian and offers recipes that dance with layered complexity. There’s a section for shopping for right ingredients, a section that explains the proper way to serve Ethiopian food and even a section that gives a brief history of Ethiopia! I found the Techniques, Time-Savers and Tips portion of Teff Love to be extremely helpful and well, time-saving.

Teff Love is bursting with flavorful recipes that are extremely easy to make. The book’s cleverly laid out pages are contian eye-popping photos that dare you to run right out and pick up all the things you’ll need to make a satisfying meal for friends, family or both. I’m getting hungry just thinking about her recipes and may have to stop off at the store on my way home!


Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Kittee’s brilliant book and just cook away. Invite people over, especially ones who’ve never tried Ethiopian food, and let them relish with their own taste buds, the fresh simplicity that is vegan Ethiopian cooking. When you purchase her book, make sure to send us pictures of what you made. We’d really like to see them! 

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NOW, IT’S TIME FOR THE GOOD STUFF! Want to win a copy of Teff Love and add some flavor to your kitchen?

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8 thoughts on “There’s Lots to Love about Teff Love by Kittee Berns! [Cookbook Review + Giveaway]

  1. My favorite food to cook is Mexican. I’m sure it’s not very authentic, but it tastes delicious!

  2. Definitely Mexican! My wife and I could eat it every night of the week. I would, however, love to have this cookbook to try and make some Ethiopian dishes at home. I was given a sample of Berbere spice from Penzey’s Spices, and the blend is SO HOT I could barely eat the lentil dish I made using it!! :o)

  3. Ooh, Indian! Or wait, no, Mexican! No, Chinese, that’s it, Chinese! No, wait, Italian … um, I can’t decide…

    [truly, I like to experiment and cook all kinds of cuisines, that’s why I’m so interested in seeing Teff Love}

  4. I’d actually really love to learn to make Ethiopian food! I haven’t tried much since a miserable failure at injera a couple years back 🙂

  5. I probably make Mexican the most because it’s easiest, but I’m branching out to Indian and Chinese!

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