Morrissey at Madison Square Garden in NYC – 6/27/15

Saturday, June 28, 2015: The night MSG was “said” to go “all-vegan”

Some of you read that the news Morrissey had become a svengali to get Madison Square Garden to go vegan for his June 28th concert. How many of you were excited for this news? We certainly were! 

An entire venue going animal-free with its food options is considered a major feat, even if for one night. Some folks were upset about this, feeling their “right” (really, privilege) to eat meat was being taken away from them. Vendors in the food court shut down for the night. No big deal? There would be VEGAN food…or so we thought…

Dinner at Blossom: Golden beet salad, hickory barbecue tempeh, quinoa sushi, white bean soup and lemon cheesecake

The night arrived! After a great dinner at Blossom with friends, we headed to MSG to enjoy the show. Of course, we hit up the concession stand to at least see what was offered. Yes, there was no meat (despite the animal smell from the veggie dogs). Yes, there were vegan options (many were questioning the hot dogs…that smell). Sadly, there was A LOT of dairy from nachos with cheese to ice cream. So much for vegan, right? We spent $10.50 on 2 bottles of water that were poured into cups. Gotta love live events that for giving us that privilege!

Concessions for standard ticketholders: Look at all that dairy with some vegan optionsIMG_5883

We always had questions on whether Morrissey was vegan or vegetarian. After the concessions, we figured we were delivered the answer as “vegetarian.” However, that was odd. He had been campaign against dairy a great deal during this tour. It didn’t make much sense and left us puzzled. Nevertheless, it was time to shrug off the vegan hope and chalk the vegetarian fare up to “baby steps.” 

“The Tide Is High” – Debbie Harry Draped in Rainbow Flag – Blondie (Snippet)

The concert was great. Blondie opened the concert with an amazing set of classic and new tunes! So impressed! A great way to celebrate pride and marriage equality. Debbie, Chris, Clem and crew where giving us a PERFORMANCE! “Call Me,” “Rapture,” and ending with “Heart of Glass” with a FULL band! OH BOY!

Morrissey’s encore: “Now My Heart Is Full” (Missed the beginning, but still beautiful)

Morrissey was just wonderful with a powerful voice. The crowd may not have been as amped as they have been in smaller venues. No biggie. We still had a great time! He played a solid mix with my faves, like “Everyday Is Like Sunday” and tracks from his latest “World Peace Is None of Your Business” album, like “Kiss Me A Lot”. He also played poignant songs with striking videos like “Ganglord” and “Meat Is Murder.” Throughout the night, he was full of quick wit, dancing with the mic and smiles. 

Despite a joyous evening of friends and music, the expectations for the venue didn’t live up to the vegan hype. Even as Morrissey thanked MSG for being “cruelty-free,” I felt myself cringing. Did he not know?!?! Was the agreement only for “meat-free” (Someone on social media claimed that, but we don’t have confirmation)

Later, we’re sad to learn from a friend in box seats that MEAT was served to them! WHAT THE…? Come on! Another disappointment. 

Someone took photos of sushi, chicken tenders, meatball sliders and more! The photos reached Gothamist who told the story. Time to get down to the truth, whatever that may be. All we know is that MSG had a great opportunity to make a breakthrough for sporting and entertainment venues. They had the stage to show the world that people can go out to an event, enjoy vegan food and send a powerful message of cruelty-free living! They missed that moment! 

MSG called the corporate box meat delivery an “oversight.” What about all that dairy? What do you think? Oversight or B.S.? Let us know in the comments!

Our little Mozzer was a little to hyper and connected to this Morrissey “Meat-Free” card we got from PETA at the show.