Vegan Breakfast Club – Weekly Challenge #1 – Tofu Scramble

Haven’t heard about our Vegan Breakfast Club? You definitely need to become a member (it’s Free and on Facebook). It’s where we kick our days off with yummy eats to be had any time of the day you consider it to be “Breakfast Time!”

In our new group, we’ve started to run weekly challenges. Carmella will share a food item or ingredient as inspiration, and club members share recipes, whip-ups, etc. that fit the challenge! We then gather up all the submissions and put them into a round-up slideshow, like the one below!

We’ve just ended Week 2’s challenge of TOAST, but let me share with you Week 1’s results in our challenge of TOFU SCRAMBLE!

Thanks to Dianne, Brandie, Leinana, Cadry, Marquita, Ssejica Marie & Sarah for being a part of our first challenge! All of their dishes look amazing, right?!?!

Stay tuned later this week for Week 2’s challenge results of TOAST!

Have a favorite tofu scramble? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! The Vegan Breakfast Club is one tasty group! Everyone’s dish looks amazing! Can’t wait for the next challenge ?

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