The Journey Begins: Main Street Vegan Academy

Main Street Vegan
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No, I’m not off to Middle Earth to reclaim Lonely Mountain. That’s Gandalf’s job! (“The Hobbit” reference)

Yesterday, I started something I consider to be a big leap forward in my life. As a passionate vegan who wants to spread the message of plant-based living and compassion, I’m going for certification as a vegan lifestyle coach and educator (VLCE) through Main Street Vegan Academy! Main Street Vegan Academy was created by bestselling author, motivational speaker and amazing vegan “Wonder Woman,” Victoria Moran. It’s based on her book of the same title which will help move veganism further into the mainstream!

Main Street Vegan

Over the 5+ days of the Academy, our class will learn about how to share the health and societal benefits of veganism, be it as lifestyle coaches, entrepreneurs (veganpreneurs?) or educator. We’ll also learn how to develop a business, connect with our communities, etc. With our instructors coming from a wide range of backgrounds, there’s truly something to be gained by all of us through this experience.

After our first half-day, I’m already blown away. Taking our classes in Victoria’s living in Harlem is truly a treat. We’ve had some great snacks from Treeline Cheese and dinner from Beyond Sushi with Victoria’s amazing rice pilaf and kale salad! Our first instructor, Dr. Robert Ostfeld gave us an amazing presentation on cardiac wellness and the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. Since he works out of Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, I’m hoping to be able to spread his message and work through my neighborhood!

There are 13 students from all walks of life and across the globe! In a way, I think we’ve all connected. Seriously, so many of us learned about the Academy from other students, especially JL Fields of JLGoesVegan, who will be one of our instructors. In addition, I met 2 fellow bloggers whom we follow: Michael of VeganMos and Sara of Homemade Levity (both NYC locals). I got to meet a Facebook friend from Staten Island, Julie, face-to-face for the first time! Not to mention, I’m already taken by the new people I’ve met, coming from as far as Germany and Australia.

Over the course of the Academy, I’ll be tweeting from @thefoodduo with the hashtag #mainstreetvegan to share some updates and interesting facts. My fellow students will be hashtagging along with me. We’ll be sharing our journey with all of you, and I hope you’ll join along.

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