A Visit to Baltimore, Maryland: The Charm City that…EATS!

Baltimore Maryland Postcasrd
Baltimore Maryland Postcasrd
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We spent the latter part of last week in the great city of Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore has a couple of mottos including “The Great American City,” “The City that Reads” and “Charm City.” After spending a few days in town for Natural Products Expo East, we definitely think the name should be changed to “The Charm City that EATS!” 

Baltimore is not known as a top foodie city. So, it’s pretty interesting to see that it’s been taking center stage to the Natural Products Expo East for a few years. When you think of natural products, don’t you think of food? If you think of food, don’t you think it should be in a foodie city? Well, after our brief city, I think we can say, at least vegan-wise, it’s certainly getting there and deserves it’s props!

The focus of our stay was Expo, for sure. We did manage to make a couple of stops to see what “Charm City” had to offer us, and they did not disappoint. Here’s the run-down of what we tasted and enjoyed during our stay!

Great Sage, Clarksville, MD

Located about 20 minutes from Baltimore, Great Sage is a great gem, perfect for friendly gatherings and romantic dinners. It’s fine yet casual dining with low lighting to set the mood in the evening. With our friend Ariela, we decided to enjoy our meal al fresco on their back patio, which was pretty relaxing. Surprisingly, this restaurant is in a mini mall, but we weren’t met with loud cars or bright head beam lights. 

IMG_7338.JPG IMG_7320.JPG IMG_7330.JPG IMG_7329.JPG IMG_7328.JPG IMG_7327.JPG IMG_7337.JPG IMG_7335.JPG IMG_7319.JPG

We enjoyed the following:

  • Buffalo Bites
  • Italian Vegetable Soup
  • Sage’s Famous Artichoke Spinach Dip  
  • Chopped Salad
  • Adult Mac & Cheese
  • Sin Tres Leches Cake
  • Blueberry Cobbler

The highlights were the dip (we know why it’s famous), the salad and the bites! Everything was delicious.

Another plus about Great Sage is that it’s in the same mini mall as ‘Nest (cool houseware/clothing store) and Roots Market (sadly, we didn’t have enough time to go there).

E-Life on Wheels (Everlasting Life), Capitol Heights, MD & Food Truck

After Natural Products Expo East, we stopped by Vegan SoulFest on Saturday, September 19th. Oh boy! What an energetic, uplifting event that was, despite the hot sun! One of the great finds there was E-Life on Wheels, a 100% vegan food truck. They also have a restaurant in Capitol Heights, MD, which we have to visit the next time we’re in town. 

During the fest, E-Life offered a delicious plate of food for $5! Barbecue drumstick, mac & cheese and collard greens. So much flavor that Carm didn’t want to share. Those collard greens were so spot on. The mac was creamy. The sauce on the drumsticks was tangy and sweet. What a great way to sample what this restaurant on wheels has to offer.

IMG_7391.JPG IMG_7392.JPG

Vegan Refocused, Baltimore, MD

We met Vegan Refocused also at Vegan SoulFest. They didn’t disappoint with their vegan fried chicken! Mini seitan cutlets, spiced and evenly seasoned. You can taste flavors including oregano and paprika to give a slightly smokey taste. Their mac & cheese was solid and simple with nutritional yeast. So, if you’re a nooch lover, this is one for you! We look forward to seeing more from them.

IMG_7382.JPG IMG_7383.JPG

The Land of KushBaltimore, MD

The Land of Kush hosted Vegan SoulFest. Being the host, we decided to hit up their restaurant to get the experience. It’s the perfect mix of our favorite NYC-area spots: Seasoned Vegan in Harlem and Jolo’s Kitchen in New Rochelle, NY. The menu offers a lot of varieties in a homey, warm setting. Get a combo plate or a fresh juice. You cannot go wrong.

We opted to split the Special Combo Plate. For $12.49, you get an entree, 2 sides and a drink. You cannot go wrong with this mix: Kush BBQ Ribs, Rice & Vegetable Medley and Collard Greens with lemonade to drink. Sadly, we don’t have a photo of the Vegan Crab Cakes (2 for $6.49), because Carm and her mom devoured them before we could get a shot. 

Hands down, one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time!

IMG_7397.JPG IMG_7394.JPGIMG_7400.JPG 2ECB4002-858E-41FC-9F9E-03921E71814A.jpg

Johnny Rad’s Pizzeria Tavern, Baltimore, MD

Thanks to our friend Melissa of It’s Got Vegan In It, we took her suggestion to hit up Johnny Rad’s before hitting the road back to NYC. She said it was the best vegan pizza in town. You know we love pizza. So, we had to check this place out. However, since we were limited on time, we ordered a pizza to pick up and go.

Immediately, we were in love. The sign in a punk Black Flag aesthetic on the outside with a hilarious sandwich board in the front, this was a spot for us. Inside, there were skateboards adorning the walls and a sign poining to skee ball. If we had more time to explore, we probably would have stayed for hours with pizza and brews.

With a number of vegan options, we loved that we could make a pizza as like it and with Teese vegan cheese! We went with a half cheese, half vegan sausage with pineapple, and go on the road up I-95. 

The pizza had no chance in the car. It was literally gone by the time we arrived at our home garage. Yup! That good. 

IMG_7401.JPG IMG_7406.JPG  IMG_7409.JPG IMG_7402.JPG

Baltimore, we had a great time in your city! We know there’s more of us to try. So, a future trip to Baltimore is in the works and certainly before the next Expo East! If there’s a spot that we MUST check out, let us know in the comments!