#VeganFoodChat with an “I Eat Grass” T-Shirt Giveaway!

This week’s #VeganFoodChat was so amazing (click here to catch the replay)! We cannot thank our guests Ayinde Howell and Zoe Eisenberg of IEatGrass.com enough for being a part of our discussion on “When Vegan Loves Omnivore!” The discussion between them and our audience gave a lot of “food for thought” when it comes to vegans being in romantic relationships with omnivores. What we all learned:

  • Vegans and omnivores can co-exist and love one another
  • Compassion and respect are the core of any relationship! You have to also be open and flexible while not forcing others to change
  • You can win people over by making “banging” vegan food (Extra points when an omnivore does it)
  • Always be mindful of others in your activism
  • We need to get #macnyease4life, #beyondspam and #VeganFoodChat trending

We got serious. We had fun. Time flew by. So you know we have to do this chat again and hope to do soon in October when The Lusty Vegan: : A Cookbook and Relationship Manifesto for Vegans and Those Who Love Them is released! But you don’t have to wait until October!  Pre-order your copy today at Amazon!

We’re keeping the good times going with a “I Eat Grass” t-shirt giveaway, thanks to Ayinde and Zoe! Enter below for a chance to win your choice of an “I Eat Grass” t-shirt (see below)! Winner to be announced during next Wednesday (5/14/14) #VeganFoodChat!

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Missed any part of this week’s VeganFoodChat? Here’s our Storify recap:

23 thoughts on “#VeganFoodChat with an “I Eat Grass” T-Shirt Giveaway!

  1. The food is sexy. You can’t go wrong with making plant foods have a sex appeal! =D

  2. So bummed that I had to miss this chat but have preordered my copy of The Lusty Vegan and would love to win an I Eat Grass shirt! And I don’t think we have to make vegan sexy, it just is!

  3. lol…vegans are just naturally sexy! They’re healthier, more vibrant and more creative in how they approach life and everything they do. 😉

  4. Hmmm….sexy pancakes? It’s pretty hard to make a sexy pancake, much less if you’re using mashed banana as the binder, but I think I have perfected it!

  5. How do I make vegan sexy… That is an interesting question! Well, I can tell you that I try to make vegan appealing by having unique events like Trek Cafe and Lounge at our local sci-fi convention, serving tons of free food to con goers! That’s happening in June for anyone who wants to go! In Fargo, ND! 😉

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