MVP Fridays #2 – Meet Dan Hanley & Mike Nelson of The Gay Vegans

Welcome to our second installment of our interview series, Mighty Vegan Peeps, aka MVP Fridays. It’s time to meet our friends, The Gay Vegans!


Names: Dan Hanley and Mike Nelson

Ages, if you want to share: 50 and 45

Location: Los Angeles, CA

How long have you been vegan? 20 years and 12 years

Hobbies: Beach, surf, music, weaving

Dan Hanley and Mike Nelson are a loving married couple living in LA with their brood of cuteness (4 dogs – Miguel, Suga, Monti & Rose – all rescued). They’re long-time vegans who are very connected to supporting their local community and making the world a better place for all. In addition to being advocates for all animals (humans and non-humans alike), they are the sweetest! 

Dan is the blogger behind The Gay Vegans. He discusses a variety of topics from food to social justice issues. In addition, he works in the non-profit sector in fundraising. Mike is a high school orchestra teacher, and a “master” weaver! 

We recently got to spend some time with the 2 of them during our time in California last month. They were gracious hosts, letting us stay at their place. They share in our passion for donuts…and life! Their pup-kiddos are the sweetest (shhh don’t tell our cats).

The Food Duo (TFD): What made you go vegan?

The Gay Vegans (TGV): Animal rights/animal cruelty

TFD: Why are you committed to following a vegan lifestyle?

TGV: To continue being as compassionate as possible to all living beings and also to be as healthy as possible.

TFD: What’s been the easiest part of being vegan? What’s been the hardest?

TGV: Not contributing to cruelty just makes sense for both is, so that is the easy party. The hardest was being vegan in the 90’s with few good restaurant options.

TFD: What are your top 3 favorite vegan businesses (including food & non-food)?

TGV: Veggie GrillGardein and Bull Dog (men’s grooming products company)

All 3 are on Carlo’s favorites list! 

TFD: What’s the best vegan event you’ve attended to date and why?

TGV: The 2015 SoCal Vegfest was amazing. Super well planned, amazing crowd, perfect location (outdoors on a college campus) and so many food and non-food items.

TFD: Share a favorite go-to recipe with us!

TGV: The Post-Punk Kitchen’s Puffy Pillow Pancakes

Photo credit: The Post-Punk Kitchen
Photo credit: The Post-Punk Kitchen

Get the recipe:

TFD: What’s going on in your world right now that you’d want to share? Shameless self promotion is HIGHLY encouraged!

TGV: Putting a bigger spotlight on total liberation that is inclusive of human liberation for communities such as the transgender community and the issue of poverty in the vegan community. We also are focusing blog posts on trying to get more people to vote and become politically active.

Now that you’ve met our friends, why not learn more about Dan and Mike and The Gay Vegans? Follow all the happenings at:
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