Dave Loves Chickens Giveaway – Thanks Vegan Publishers!

Winner was announced on Twitter during #VeganFoodChat
Thanks to everyone who entered


Dave Loves Chicken - Author Carlos Patino - Photo from Vegan Publishers
Source: VeganPublishers.com

Have you read our recent review of Dave Loves Chickens? You must! It’s a wonderful children’s tale of compassion by graphic artist by Carlos Patiño. It’s the story of Dave, an alien, who lives on a far-off planet. On his visit to Planet Earth, he questions human relationships with animals and the world. While he may be different in looks, Dave has feelings as do the animals that are his friends. We’re not so much different than one another is great a lesson for kids and adults alike.

While we’re not parents (yet), we thoroughly enjoy this book and cannot recommend it enough to our veggie parent friends. With that, our friends at Vegan Publishers have kindly donated copy of Dave Loves Chickens to be given to one lucky winner! Thanks VP!

Enter the Dave Loves Chickens Giveaway below today for a chance to win!

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Winner will be announced during Wednesday, April 30th’s #VeganFoodChat on Twitter! Our topic will be “Bringing Up (Vegan) Baby), all about raising plant-based kids. Our special guests will be the ladies of Generation Veggie and The Vedge App! Chat begins at 8pm ET/5pm PT! Hope to see you there!

8 thoughts on “Dave Loves Chickens Giveaway – Thanks Vegan Publishers!

  1. “If you could create a vegan-friendly children’s story about your favorite animal, what would it be called?”

    I would name it Owen’s Ocelot! After my son and well…ocelots (^_^)

  2. Well, I AM in art school studying as a comic book artist, so this is the perfect question! Yet, I can’t think of any!

    For one of my class projects, I made a “Miracle Diet Cookbook” that was a concoction of disgusting and actually achievable recipes, and it was written by a shrimp (creatively named Shrimp). Does that count?!

  3. We saw Vegan Publishers recently at the Worcester Veg Fest, they had a table there, too! I had just listened to Victoria Moran’s presentation, where she ended with an excerpt from her book, which made me cry uncontrollably (ugh) and then I walked over to see that ADORABLE book so full of compassassion :))) ~Becky

  4. Good question, it’s tougher than you would think to come up with the answer! How about… ‘Molly’s journey.’ Molly would be a cow.

  5. Thanks to everyone who entered our Dave Loves Chickens giveaway! The winner is Robyn Kurtz! Robyn will be receiving a copy of Dave Loves Chickens by Carlos Patiño soon!

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