VeganMoFo 2017 – Day 2 – Vegan Junk Food FOREVER!

We are unapologetically in love with vegan junk food. Let’s be honest. Junk food, including vegan junk food, is in the eye of the beholder and the cradle of the stomach. It’s oh so good, yet oh so bad. Sure, you may feel some guilt after cramming that entire chocolate bar into your face, but the guilt fades and the days go on.

The thing about vegan junk food is that it’s VEGAN! That means that no animals were harmed…unless you want to consider yourself after eating a bag of salty potato chips. Who has the right to judge you, other than you, about that?!?! You’re doing your best for the animals while enjoying a snack…or two. The animals actually appreciate you eating that rather than them!

I’m not mad at those who critique our food choices. I’m not critiquing theirs. You do you. We do us. And maybe we can break bread over grain bowls and a slice of cake!

Now, when it comes to vegan junk food, there’s so much we find during the cooler months that we can barely contain ourselves. If it’s something that’s “Limited Edition” that’s even better. We’re running to store to get our hands on it.

This  year, let’s talk about some of them!


apple pie oreos

If you didn’t know, Oreos are unintentionally yet technically vegan. Yes, they’re full of junk! No doubt about that. All the bad that’s in them is known, but damnit, they’re yummy! Our local Giant supermarket (For you NYCers, it’s Stop & Shop) had a sale on them for $1.88.

So, what did we think? Well, they taste more like sour apple candy than apple pie. If you remember the Caramel Apple Oreos from 2016, they had that same sour apple candy taste. Now, we both like sour apple candy, but in a cookie, it’s a little bizarre. It’s not that the Apple Pie Oreos are bad. They’re just not meeting the expectation.


pumpkin spice oreos

We came upon these at our local Target. These should really be called Pumpkin Pie Oreos, because they taste like it says on the package! The Golden Oreo tasted like buttery (minus the butter) thick pie crust. The center tasted like sweet pumpkin pie filling with a balance of cinnamon and nutmeg. These definitely made up for the “meh” of the Apple Pie Oreos.


swedish skulls

Did you know that IKEA has a little candy shop in its stores?!?! You grab a bag, scoops up your faves, weigh it and pay. While most of the candies contain milk and/or gelatin, the many of the sour candies, like the Swedish Skulls (Svensk Skalle), seem to be technically vegan. We’re not sure if they’re offered year-round or just for Halloween season. Despite all the chemicals that make this candy deliciously junky, it also has curcumin which comes from plants and is a major compound in turmeric. The things you learn while trying to understand some of these ingredients, eh?

Anyway, we found that we couldn’t eat more than 1 or 2 skulls in a sitting. So, it looks like we’re going to be stuck with these for a while.


And of course there is more vegan junk food to celebrate this season! We’ll be sharing more of our vegan fall finds this month. So stay tuned…

Disclaimer: All junk food, even vegan junk food, should be eaten in moderation. Vegan junk food isn’t necessarily healthier for you, because it is…JUNK! But damn it tastes good.

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  1. I’ve only ever seen boring old regular Oreos in Europe, which is a shame (though quite often they’re a lifesaver in train stations in small towns!). Occasionally the exciting varieties pop up in the American candy shops you sometimes see, but they’re always so expensive it’s hard to justify it. I’d definitely consider splashing out on the pumpkin spice ones though!

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