A Vegan Recap of The Food Duo’s Life

Ever have those times when “life just gets away from you?” Can life really “get away” like it’s in fear of US? NOPE! With that typed, let me, Carmella, share what Carlo and I have been  up to outside of being The Macaroon and The Artichoke. 

BUSINESS OWNERS: Yes, we’ve been the owners of V Marks the Shop for a few months now. Our teeny tiny business has been chugging right along. We’re learning and growing along the way! 

WHAT WOULD CARLO EAT: It’s coming back! That’s for sure! We recently shared a mini episode on YouTube.

The next “season” will kick off in the summer, because…you know…LIFE. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates!

REVIEWS: We’ve got a STACK of cookbooks to review and share with you all. From Leilani Two-Moons’ Baconish to the Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking, we’ve got A LOT to read and cook! 

TRAVEL: Many of you know that V Marks the Shop will be based out of Philadelphia, PA. In addition to our weekly visits, we also are racking up miles for events for the rest of the year for us as The Food Duo and for V Marks the Shop.

EVENTS: Typing about events, did you hear/see us in action as HOSTS of The Philly MAC-Down on May 1st. It was our first-ever hosted event AND our first-ever vegan mac & cheese competition. We’re gearing up for the next food competition we’re hosting this summer AND a vegan pop-up market we’re starting in June! 


#VEGANFOODCHAT: The chat’s going strong. We’re over 2 years old with a great Twitter community of over 10,000. We’ve got a couple of great guests lined up, starting with Ravi and Natalie from iheartkeenwah.comih, and followed by Taylor from YoDish! We’re also back with Nurph. We’re updating our schedule with upcoming topics every Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 8pm ET/5pm PT

NEW FEATURE: We kicked off MVP FRIDAYS last month, and are bringing that back starting Friday, May 13th! Stay tuned on who we’ll introduce you to next!

RECIPES: We’re getting back into the kitchen hardcore! Carlo’s been playing around the idea of “vegan steaks” for dishes. I’ve been coming up with sides (like our Pineapple Fried Rice) and desserts. Who knows what will be posted and what won’t be. We’re testing away!


We thank you all for following our journey as we post away on social media and get back into the groove here at thefoodduo.com. 

Until our next post,
Carmella, aka The Macaroon and Vegan Girl Nerd