VeganMoFo 2017 – Day 11 – Terra Chips for Fall – Beauregard Sweets & Fairytale Pumpkin

Terra Chips Fall

 Terra Chips for Fall are here! We’ve picked up one variety to try, because of its fancy pants flavor name!

Our last post featured Garden of Eatin’ Pumpkin tortilla chips. They were really pumpkin spiced tortilla chips, which were good. However, what we have to share now is a real vegetable chip mix of sweet potatoes and pumpkin, thanks to Terra Chips, the popular vegetable chip company in the black bag. We don’t mean sweet potato chips with some pumpkin spice stuff happening. We’re talking actual sweet potato and pumpkin chips fried up and bagged for us to grab and buy!

Terra Chips Fall

Introducing… Beauregard Sweets & Fairytale Pumpkin Terra Chips! 

Sounds like some romantic Southern cookbook. Gone with Wind meets Netflix and Chill. When else are you going to get some cinnamon and nutmeg spiced veggie chips that feel way too sophisticated to fulfill a salty snack craving…in the Fall. 

Terra Chips Fall

And let us tell you, this bag of goodness is everything you expect Fall to be, even when it’s damned near 80 degrees in Philadelphia! The colors pop like autumn leaves. The chips are crisp. 

While the cinnamon and nutmeg weren’t pungent or popping, their subtlety lent to a nice touch of spice to the sweetness of the chips. The Beauregard Sweets chips (red) were crunchy yet light. The Fairytale Pumpkin chips were bright orange crisp yet slightly chewy strips.  They tasted like pumpkin, not pumpkin spice or pie. Both were much appreciated.

 Terra Chips Fall  

Glad to come upon these and wished we had gotten a bag. HEY! Fall’s here for 2 more months. So, we’ll be sure to get more on our next grocery trip.

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