Top Ten Vegan Finds at Expo East 2017!

Top 10 Expo East 2017

Back in March, we gave you our top finds from Natural Products Expo West 2017. There were so many good things, that we had to come up with a second list! 6 months later, we were back on the hunt in Baltimore for Natural Products Expo East 2017 to see what new was coming our way later this year into early 2018!           

Friends, vegans, lend us your eyes! Here’s our Top Ten Vegan Finds to delight and surprise! 

1. Good Catch Foods 

Good Catch Expo East 2017

“Seafood without Sacrifice” is what you get with Good Catch Foods, a vegan seafood line from SeaCo/Beyond Brands hitting shelves in 2018! The product base is a 6-bean blend of pea protein
Good Catch Food’s first five Fish-Free products consist of:

    • Fish-Free Tuna – Naked in Water
    • Fish-Free Tuna – Olive Oil & Herbs
    • Fish-Free Burgers – Classic Style
    • Fish-Free Sliders – Island Style
    • Crab-Free Cakes

Having sampled the burger and the cakes, I was throughly impressed with everything from texture to flavor! It was closest reminder I had to fish, especially as someone who didn’t like it as a kid and kinda liked it as I grew up. While I don’t eat vegan fish often, I’m happy there’s such a solid product coming, especially for omnivores! With that said, Good Catch Foods was my top find at Expo East this year. Not to mention, they also won a NEXTY Editor’s Choice award at the show!

Note: Carlo acquiesced his top pick for this write-up, as he does not eat vegan seafood (Long story!) 

2. Miyoko’s Kitchen Cream Cheeses & Pub Cheeses 

Miyoko Expo East 2017 Miyoko Expo East 2017

Miyoko’s Kitchen is going a major rebrand and repacking of their products. With that, Miyoko and team proudly launched TWO new lines of her wonderful artisanal cheeses for retail, and they’re both pretty dang AHHHHMAZING! 

The Haps on the Cream Cheeses:

Miyoko’s Kitchen already had the Homestyle Plain Vegan Cream Cheese (Now, Plain Classic) as an online exclusive on their website. It’s going to be hitting retail stores next year! Not only will you be able to get the plain, but there will be 2 other varieties joining the line for retailers: Un-Lox Your Dream (yes, it’s a lox-inspired spread), and Sensational Scallion. Both varieties were also previous online exclusives on!

And Now, the Pub Cheeses:

Miyoko’s new pub cheese line, also includes a familiar item! You may have seen the Pub Crock Cheddar on Now, make that Pub Crock the Cheers to Cheddah! Joining the line is the German-inspired Biergarten Garlic Chive and the deliciously flavorful (and our fave), Spicy Revolution. 

So basically, Miyoko just did the damned thing on the vegan spread game! YES!

3. Nuttin’ Ordinary Ravioli 

Miyoko Expo East 2017Nuttin Ordinary Expo East 2017

Let’s be honest! When you think of some of the top ravioli dishes, you certainly aren’t thinking of them being made in New Hampshire, right? Well, we were so excited to meet the folks of Nuttin’ Ordinary at Expo East 2017! This company makes a line vegan cashew-based cheese spreads in Original, Spicy and Italian Herb that are pretty righteous. Then, to see they put their magic into a ravioli was NEXT LEVEL! Mind you, we’re a couple of Italians are pretty picky about pasta. So, this is a MAJOR deal for us! The raviolis are big with 3 of them making a meal. Their pasta is solid and the cheese flavor is the right balance as you would see in a ricotta and mozzarella blend. You get even more of a flavor with a little bit of sauce. Want to know something even more exciting?

Nuttin Ordinary Expo East 2017

They are also coming out with single-serve cashew cheese sauce packets in Original and Italian Herb!!!!  Great for travel! 

4. Olivia Chocolat – Vegan White 

Olivia Chocolat Expo East 2017

Backstory: Carm is an unapologetic chocoholic! When we’re in NY and near her work, we stop by a store called Green Organic Market in Hartsdale. There, they carry Olivia Chocolat in a number of varieties. We often get the Hempmilk Choco, which was Carm’s favorite until Expo East 2017!

Olivia Chocolat is Canadian chocolate company, based in Quebec. They offer a line of raw and artisanal vegan chocolates. This year, they debuted their Vegan White bar. We don’t know about you, but we’ve written off getting GOOD vegan white chocolate for a while…until Expo. The Vegan White is everything either of us could imagine vegan white chocolate good be. It’s smooth, rich and decadent. It’s worth sharing, and even better if you keep it to yourself! Olivia has also launched a chocolate sauce that is delicious and would go quite well with crepes or ice cream. 

5. HOLY Kombucha 

HOLY Kombucha Expo East 2017

Kombucha was flowing all over Expo East 2017! While Carm’s loves kombucha, Carlo isn’t too much of a fan, but was willing to give things some a try. However, the catch was that Carm had to taste it to make sure it wasn’t too vinegary. Considering how much kombucha we drank, it was hard to pick just one. 

Thanks to our friend Russell (@rollercoastervegan on IG), we were introduced to HOLY Kombucha out of Texas. Right away, the team had us try their Hibiscus Sangria, and it was so delicious and light. No vinegar or tart taste with it. Good thing this wasn’t actual sangria, or we’d all had been in trouble. It was that good!

We also tried the Blood Orange which was rather refreshing little a nice of sweet and tart, like you’d get with a blood orange. Their Pickly Pear was smooth. It was mixed with lemon to add a little bite, but it wasn’t strong or off-putting. Another highlight was the Green Apple Ginger, because apples and ginger just go together!

With all the kombucha we did have, there were so many other good brands we tried. We may have to do a Top 10 Kombucha list soon…and even Carlo will chime in for that!

6. Pacifica Super Kale Juiced Up Hair Care Line

Pacifica Expo East 2017

Did we really include a non-food item on this list? YES!!! Pacifica is a favorite cruelty-free, vegan brand of cosmetic products. They’ve lately sprung into hair care. One of their newest products is the Super Kale line, featuring their Juiced Up shampoo and conditioner (available at Ulta Beauty). There is also an oil-free cream. Pacifica will also be launching the shampoo and conditioner in a gift set with their Hairvana Leave-On Detangling Conditioner. 

The Super Kale line is really a cleansing hair line. The shampoo not a hair stripper, but the kale works rid the hair of toxins from daily pollution and the like. In the condition, the kale then acts to hydrate the hair without weighing it down. So, definitely excited to try this out soon!

7. Wholesome Cinnamon Organic Bears

Wholesome Expo East 2017

Any “Red Hots” or “Hot Tamales” candy fans here? Well, watch out! In 2018, Wholesome is coming our with their VEGAN Cinnamon Organic Bears! That’s right, your vegan cinnamon candy fix will be met in a fiery red gummy bear, free of gelatin and other animal products! 

These little gummies pack a lot of flavor! 

We don’t know what more we can say, because these cinnamon gummies were pretty perfect.

8. Oatly in Half Gallon size

Oatly Expo East 2017

OH MY OATS and WOW NO COW! You have no idea how excited we are for Oatly to finally be in the U.S.! Oatly is a Swedish company whose been offering their delicious oat-based drinks and yogurts all over Europe. Now, that they’re in America, you may have started to see them offered at coffee shops and restaurants over the past year. This milk is one of the best for creaminess in drinks!

Well, soon, we won’t have to wait to get Oatly at home! The company has set up operations in Southern NJ and will be rolling out the first line of their products which is Oat-Milk in Original, Chocolate and Low-Fat Original. Stay tuned for them. You won’t be disappointed.

We also hear that their working on some special products just for the U.S. market! 

Oatly Expo East 2017

9. Vegetarian Traveler

Vegetarian Traveler Expo East 2017

One of the SMARTEST products we tried at Expo East 2017 was Vegetarian Traveler. Vegetarian Traveler makes Toasted Bean Blends are are made to supplement meals, during those times when you just can’t get a decent meal. You open  up a pack of the toasted beans and sprinkle them atop of salads, cereal, veggies and the like. They’re meant to add 15 to 17 grams of protein!

The beans come in 3 varieties:

  • Tri-Soy Medley (Soy bean blend, including edamame)
  • Pepita & Soy-Pea Medley (Pumpkin seeds, soybeans and pea protein)
  • Garbanzo & Soy Medley (Chickpeas and soy beans)

They’re lightly salted and crunchy, giving a nice flavor and texture. We tried it with yogurt and quite enjoyed it.

10. Forager Project Coconut Cashew Yogurts

Forager Project Expo East 2017

Last, but not least, Forager Project is coming out with an awesome line of coconut & cashew organic yogurt! Last year, Forager launched their yogurt line in Strawberry, Blueberry, Lemon, Plain and Unsweetened. It has come our current favorite yogurt. Now to see a whole new line, mixing coconut and cashew, we were intrigued. The first flavors in the GOOD PLANT FAT Yogurt line are Coconut, Berry, Mango and Lime. 

The yogurts are smooth. The coconut flavor complements the flavors nicely, especially the lime! I’d totally pair this with Vegetarian Traveler beans! 

Is That All?

There was A LOT to see and try at Expo East 2017. It was really hard to We will post some reviews in the coming weeks of other products we enjoyed at the show, and of course, one of us will be at Expo West 2018, because there’s even more NEW coming our way. We cannot wait to share it all with you!

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