More Awesome Vegan Finds at Expo West 2017!

Each year at Natural Products Expo West 2017, we find more and more vegan products hitting the market. This event is so massive, clearly we cannot see them all. We also cannot limit ourselves to just a Top 10 list! Let’s take a look at some more faves of the show!

In no particular order, here are 10 more vegan finds we loved at Expo West 2017:

Ozery Bakery Brioche Buns & Bites

Brioche bread often is full of dairy and eggs. Finding something with that light and fluffy texture with a bit of shine is a struggle. Well, thanks to Ozery Bakery out or Canada, our pillowy bread dreams have come true with their Brioche Buns and Brioche Bites! Great for sandwiches, sliders, hors d’oeuvres and even dessert! The possibilities are endless with this bread!

Ozery Bakery Brioche Bites


VeganBurger Burger Mixes

Ever wanted to make your own veggie burgers, but were too intimidated or just didn’t have the time? Well, VeganBurger has come to save the day with the line of vegan gluten-free burger mixes! All you need to do is add water, mix and form into patties. Each bag makes the equivalent of 9 burgers, using 1/3 cup of the mix per serving. It’s available in a variety of flavors: Vege Caliente, Veggie 6 Mix, Viva Italiano and BB&Ohh!



Ripple Foods Half & Half

Ripple came on the scene in 2016 with their line of non-dairy milks made from pea protein. While people joked about their logo looking like the name of a body part, people were amazed by the taste and creaminess of their milks! We certainly were those who were thoroughly impressed.

This year, the team at Ripple surprises us again with a line of Half & Half! Now, we will state that the milks were just fine for coffee, not separating or leaving an off-putting flavor as other milks. However, after trying the Half & Half in coffee, it was like WHOA! The smoothness that the Half & Half gave to coffee was amazing. We look forward to seeing this hit the refrigerated case soon! Carm wants to get her hands on some for baking purposes!

Ripple Foods Half & Half


The Maple Guild

Straight outta Island Pond, Vermont, The Maple Guild claims its syrup comes right from a single source: the maple tree. Their syrups do not go through a grading process, as their product is pure, organic and sustainable. . We don’t know about that whole grading process, but we’ll sure tell you that this line of syrups was AMAZING! From Bourbon Barrel to Vanilla Bean, their syrups are not sickening sweet but pack a lot of flavor. In addition to their systems, their products include maple water, iced tea and maple cream!

The Maple Guild


Punk Rawk Labs – Cashew of the Woods Nutmilk Cheese

Punk Rawk LabsIt was such a JOY to see at Expo West this year. Having been a fan of theirs for some time, we were super excited to see what was new. Oh boy! Even the name “Cashew of the Woods” piqued our interest. It certainly made Carm think of “Hen of the Woods,” being the mushroom lover she is. Co-owners, Alissa and Julie, did not disappoint. Carm was excited to not only try the cheese, but to smell the truffle salt that they use. She’s still asking if the salt can be bottled and sold!

Punk Rawk Labs


Sweet Earth Foods – Harmless Ham

Whatever you called it, Harmless Ham will take you back to the Taylor Ham/Pork Roll/Canadian Bacon of your pre-vegan days. You know the stuff! It’s what they put on your breakfast sammies. Well, friends, you can relive those morning eats without the cruelty with Sweet Earth’s latest product!

Harmless Ham is also the featured ingredient in the vegan additions to the Farmstand Breakfast Sandwich line. 

Sweet Earth Harmless Ham  


Tofurky – Vegetarian Ham Style Roast with Beer Glaze

And it’s about time!!!! This ham roast comes with a beer glaze using Hopworks Urban Brewery or HUB’s beer. It’s so very exciting to see this come out in time for the holiday celebrations. While it has the same shape as the original Tofurky roast, it does have the ham flavor, thanks to the glaze and preparation. We really enjoyed it when served Hawaiian style with pineapple and peppers.

Tofurky also debuted their DIY Burger at Expo West, which is quite good.

Tofurky Ham Roast


Milkadamia – Latte Da

Sophisticated packaging and a latte artist on site, Milkadamia impressed us with its barista blend of the cheekiest sort, Latte Da! Macadamia nut milk has a lovely toasted flavor that goes quite well in a number of drinks and dishes. However, it often doesn’t have as much of a richness and creaminess until. Latte Da is one of the top non-dairy milks to put in coffee! 

Seeing that Latte Da is coming to market, we hope coffee shops bring it in as an option. Otherwise, we may just have to become our own baristas!

Milkadamia Latte Da


Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho Noodles

Pho (fa) on the go is where’s at with Naughty Noah’s! The founder of the company was inspired by his mother’s recipes to create 6 varieties that all vegan and gluten-free! We got to sample the Chick-a-What, Victory Veg and Original Beast. All were full of flavor and delicious!

What’s great is that Naughty Noah’s make for a perfect quick lunch. Simple instructions and ready in 5 minutes or last, you can’t go wrong with that. What’s even better is that the packaging is 100% recycleable AND you can keep the bowl to reuse later. (Psst. The bowl is dishwasher-safe).

Naughty Noahs Pho  


Neat Foods – Baking Mixes

Neat has been around for some time with their walnut “meat” substitutes and vegan powered egg. Now, they’re moving into the baking needs aisle with their line of vegan baking and pancake mixes! We got to sample the cookies and brownies which were so delicious! The pancakes mix we’d love to get our hands on. Super excited to see these hit the shelves!

Neat Baking Mixes

So many delicious and amazing products at Expo West 2017 are on their way to market. We know there is more we didn’t get a chance to see. It really is an exciting time to be vegan, and the natural products industry is embracing it! We cannot wait to see what else comes our way, as we look forward to Expo East in Baltimore in September!