Happy New Year (11 Days Later)

WELCOME 2014!!!!

We hope your year has kicked off splendidly. If not, may this be the roughest patch and the rest of the year goes much better.

Our holidays were met with an icky virus, but we’re back and better! So, here are a few updates:

  1. Macaroon’s graduate thesis proposal on veganism and ecommerce was APPROVED! 
  2. Mac’s turned at-home cheese maker
  3. We’re back to more cooking, more meeting fellow vegans and having good times
  4. Artichoke successfully led the charge to ditch cable TV and phone!
  5. Veganism is STILL on the rise (No looking back now!)
  6. Mozzer & Connie are enjoying more cuddles with their human parents
Now, it’s time to ramp things up around here! We’d love to have you follow along with us, give us some ideas and help us keep the quirks and fun going!

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