The GREEN Top 10: 10 Vegan Things to Do on St. Patrick’s Day!

source: Peanuts/
source: Peanuts/

Can you believe that it’s St. Patrick’s Day already? Wasn’t it just Christmas or something? Anyway, today is the day that we celebrate all things IRISH and GREEN. And to commemorate this cherished holiday, we created a Top 10 for you to use as a guide. So get your Irish on and “Erin Go Bragh!” 

The Top 10 Vegan Things to do on St. Patrick’s Day

1. Give Your Animal Companion(s) an Irish Name for the Day! Today Mozzie and Connie will be known as Liam and Erin!


2. Have a Yummy Green Smoothie at the Top of the Morning! What better way to start the day than with this tasty green breakfast smoothie!


3. Make a Veganized Version of an Irish Classic Meal. Here’s a cruelty-free recipe for Irish “Lamb” Stew from One Green Planet! After making this, please invite us over! 


4. Wear You Favorite Cruelty-Free Outfit. Remember, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day so make sure to wear something fun and green. 


5. Play Some Rockin’ Music From Your Favorite Irish-Heritage Vegan Musicians. Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi, etc.) is Irish-American and awesome!

6. March in a Local St. Patrick’s Day Parade. What better way to show your love for animals and this great holiday, than to march with a group of dedicated vegans in front of thousand of folks! 


7. Go to Ireland. Naturally this requires planning, but it would make for a great trip. Make sure to check out to find local vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. 


8. Throw a Party. Take the day off (and encourage your friends to do the same!) and throw down a fun and festive party (at home or at a bar), complete with Irish music and veganized goodies. 


9. Make Irish Soda Bread. Fewer things are as Irish as soda bread. Fewer things are easier to make and are as tasty as well! Here’s a simple recipe that will tantalize your taste buds. Make sure to bring some to your coworkers. 


10. Binge-Watch Father Ted. If you haven’t watched Father Ted you really should (Now on Hulu*). It’s one of the best British sitcoms ever made! While you’re laughing out loud, eat a few vegan snacks. Ever try green popcorn? 


 *Notice that Hulu’s logo color is GREEN! Seredipity-do-da! 

Got some cool ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Share in the comments! 

Top 5 Reasons to Stay Vegan in 2015 & Beyond [Infographic]


We’re continuing our celebration of 2015 as “The Year of the Vegan!” While we hear a lot to get people to GO vegan, we need to work to help one another STAY vegan. The Humane Research Council released results at the end of 2014 on a study on the likelihood of vegetarians and vegans maintaining their diets and lifestyles. The results were staggering to say the least. 84% of former veggie folks weren’t a part of a community or sought out support. So, it’s time we be proactive to encourage one another!

Macaroon created this Infographic for a little inspiration. We hope you all will share and spread the word. Tell the world the reasons you’re going to STAY VEGAN this year and beyond. Feel free to use the hashtag #VeganFoodChat when sending your message, especially on social media!

Stay Vegan - Top 5 Reasons by The Food Duo

Our Weekly Top 10: Vegan Disappointments!


Disappointments are an inevitable staple of life. If everyday was chock full of unicorns and rainbows, life would be dull and a little tedious. Besides, disappointments can be character building. We can learn from them and grow into better people. With that said… we don’t like being disappointed. 

2013-05-26 20.56.00

Although our Top 10 lists tend to be upbeat and light, we must disappoint you with a disappointing list of disappointments. Sorry to disappoint you. 

The Top 10 Vegan Disappointments! 

1. That Swanky Garment Isn’t Vegan! You ogled a lovely coat from across the showroom floor. It’s gorgeous! It’s fits! It’s reasonable! It’s made of… WOOL! 

2. Obviously That’s Vegan. Wait…what? That amazing hummus you’ve been devouring is NOT vegan. But isn’t all hummus vegan? Lesson learned. Don’t assume what you’re eating is vegan and check all labels! 

3. Your Favorite (insert product) Is Tested On Animals!  Albeit it may be a setback, fortunately there are many fantastic options that are not tested on animals. Again, labels are a vegan’s BFF. 

4. A Non-vegan Restaurant No Longer Offers Vegan Options. This one hurts. The inroads you made from Meetups and or from simply kibitzing with restaurant owners have gone to pot. When a perky waitperson offers you salad, you simply want to crawl into a ball and yell “salad is NOT a vegan option!” 

5. When A Vegan Business Closes. Unless another vegan business opens in its place, it’s sad to see one close its doors. It’s especially disappointing when a non-vegan, corporate business takes its place. Like the world doesn’t have enough Dunkin’ Donuts. 


6. When A Celeb Returns To Meat. Celebs going vegan can cut both ways. As great as it is for the famous to bring the idea of a plant-based diet to the mainstream, their willingness to remain vegan or not is not a reflection of most vegans. Unfortunately many celebs go vegan for the wrong reasons and therefore inevitably backslide to being omnivores. 

7. When Your Large Meetup Event Isn’t So Large. 100 + people sign up for an awesome event at a local restaurant that’s rolling out vegan options that you’ve spent months convincing them to try. Only 8 show up including a My Little Pony doll. Yikes! 

8. Your In-flight Vegan Meal Is NOT Vegan. That 8 hour flight to Prague will seem like 20! Fortunately Virgin Atlantic kept their promise of a vegan meal when we flew to England. 


9. You’re a Day Late For a Great Sale On Your Favorite Vegan Product. Kite Hill was only $6.00? Any Gardein was $2.49? And your “friends” didn’t tell you about this sale? On this day Vegangate was born! 

10. Your Non-vegan Friend Who Adopted a Turkey Continues To Eat Turkey! This has happened to us and we’re not an isolated case. 


If you’re interested in adopting a turkey and or another farm animal, make sure to check out Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey Project!  

Our Weekly Top 10: Get SPOOKY for a Vegan Halloween!


It’s the GHOULISH time of year when monsters of all kinds take over for a very special day known as All Hallow’s Eve…or Halloween! That means dressing up in snazzy, festive gear to play fun time tricks while snacking on yummy treats!

Whether it’s a box of raisins, a bag full of candy or even a rock, a good time is to be had in being scared amongst friends!

So, get ready, friends! We’re about to bring you Halloween, vegan-style with a Top 10 of what you can do to celebrate, because, let’s face it! Everyone loves Halloween and want it to be as cruelty-free as possible!

The Top 10 Vegan Things To Do For Halloween

1. Construct a Vegan-themed Costume.  Halloween is the ideal holiday to let your imagination run wild. Dress as a big ole bottle of nooch. Don an Esther the Wonder Pig costume. Go as life-sized bag of Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds. The possibilities are endless. Oh and don’t forget…make sure your make-up is cruelty-free (a la Leaping Bunny) and vegan (check V symbols and ingredients) too! 


2. Watch Scary Movies! Test your horror movie mettle while noshing on some vegan noms. Be mindful what you choose the eat if watching The Exorcist or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

3. Offer Vegan Goodies to Trick-or-treaters. Many of the throngs of ghouls, Doras and Spidermen that trapse through your town will get a bag full of non-vegan crap. Offer your little visitors some yummy vegan crap or healthier options like apples or raisins. Here’s a handy list of mainstream vegan candies that are suitable to give out or receive. 

4. Get Your Pumpkin On! Whether you’re up for carving jack-o’-lanterns, making a pumpkin pie or simply indulging the endless pumpkin-themed goodies that stores hawk at this time of year, this is the optimum time to enjoy your favorite orange cultivar squash. Have you ever downed an ice cold Pumpkin Pie soda


5. Throw a Halloween Party. Most folks loves a good Halloween party. Decorate, play looped films in the background, play spooky music and offer tons  of vegan snacks such as pumpkin patch hummus. And of course offer prizes for the best costumes.

6. Consider an All-vegan Trick-or-Treat adventure for the Kiddies. Some parents are concerned about their little ones consuming non-vegan treats. One way to avoid this pitfall is to host an all-vegan gathering for parents who are raising vegan kids. If your child insists on trick-or-treating in public, have some of their favorite candies available to swap out for the non-vegan ones. There are plenty of online resources to help you.


7. Make or Purchase Halloween-themed Vegan Desserts.   You’ll be an instant hit, when you present your vegan and non-vegan family, friends and coworkers with delicious plant-based treats. Here’s a recipe for yummy pumpkin cupcakes that will sure to please.


8. Turn Your Place Into a Spooky Abode Be the talk of passersby and your neighbors. And speaking of neighbors, some towns have blocks where groups of homeowners agree to decorate several neighboring homes to create a haunted street.   Clinton Place in Hackensack, NJ is one of the best. 


9. Create a Mixtape…or CD and Give Them Out. Burn a bunch of your favorite spooky songs, Halloween classics or horroresque tunes. They make great gifts or as background music at your party.


10. Do a Vegan Halloween Cooking Demo.  Find a local space…or better yet…host it in your very own kitchen! Then put that clip up on YouTube. We’re digging this great video for homemade corn chips and quacamole by Raw. Vegan. Not Gross with special guest Vegan Black Metal Chef!

Now, you have some ideas! Let the spooky times roll! We hope you and yours have a fabulously, safe, cruelty-free and FUN time this Halloween! 

Need recipe ideas for this Halloween? Abe’s Market has put out a pretty cook Vegan Halloween E-Book that you can directly from their website

Our Weekly Top 10: What to Do with that Vegan Cheese!


How many have you heard a friend say the reason why s/he can’t/won’t go vegan is cheese? We bet it’s A LOT! It makes you wonder why are people using mother’s milk as a crutch. Seriously, why hasn’t anyone produced breast milk cheese for humans? Oh come on! Food has evolved so much that you can create or buy amazing vegan cheese without harm, guilt or needing a security blanket.

From the days of the plastic-tasting waxy mess of years ago to now sophisticated, artisanal quality that shines at even the most omnivorous high-class affairs, vegan cheese has passed the rubicon! The expectations are HIGH in appearance, texture, and of course, taste! It can’t just be some yellow or white mass with “cheese” on the label. 

Whether you’ve made a Kick Ace Extra Sharp Raw Vegan Holiday Cheddar Cheese Ball or picked up some Daiya at your local supermarket, vegan cheese is just as, if not moreso, versatile as Bertha the Cow’s momma juice. With that, we bring you this week’s Top 10 Sunday list on ways to make anyone LOVE vegan cheese!

Top 10 Sunday: What to Do with That Vegan Cheese!

1. Have a classy cheese & wine party! 

 2014-10-18 16.42.33

Look at that spread of Miyoko’s Kitchen cheeses! Thanks to VeganMos

2. Vegan pizza…DUH!

Boozy Pizza with Brussel Sprouts and Onions

Recipe for Boozy Pizza with Brussel Sprouts and Onions

3. Grilled cheese sammies…OF COURSE

2014-10-05 09.35.272014-10-05 09.43.59

One of our scores in Merry Ol’ England! Thanks to Meaty Vegan for giving us the 4-1-1 on Violife

4. Mac & Cheese, Mac ‘n Sheese, Mac n Yease! Whatever you make/call it! It’s ON!

2014-06-26 18.35.032014-10-16 19.26.28-1
Left: Earth Balance Mac & Cheese with Field Roast Frankfurters. Right: Chef Ayinde Howell’s Mac n Yease

5. Cheesesteaks, anyone? 

2014-10-03 14.45.512014-10-04 19.22.36
Left: Blackbird Pizzeria‘s Philly Cheesesteak (far left). Right: Marty’s Vegan Fast Food Cajun Cheesesteak

6. Play games, like “Trick the Omni” Leave some out on a plate and see who takes a nibble…like a mouse!

2014-10-04 13.54.34-1

This is some serious cheesy awesomness from Dr. Cow Treenut Cheeses’ shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! Oh and it’s RAW!

7. Sing a veganized version of “On Top of Spaghetti”

Tomato Basil with Quinoa Pasta

Nooch (nutritional yeast) can add a lovely Parmesan-like flavor atop any pasta dish! 

8  Experiment. You put WHAT on THAT?!?! 

That’s some Scream Cheese on a bagel. Scream Cheese = Grindcore House’s mix of ghost peppers and Tofutti spread! Think you can handle that after watching Artichoke eat it? 

9. Fried Cheese? YES! 

Vegan Mozzarella Sticks by Rhea Parsons at The "V" Word -
Source: The “V” Word –

10. Take A LOT of photos and share on social media. Let the world know how awesome vegan cheese is!


We’re sharing vegan cheese and more on our Instagram @thefoodduo!

Vegan cheese is for everyone! With so many varieties from nuts to rice, you can find the what’s right for you and best to make animals happy. Remember, the happiest cows aren’t on dairy farms in California. They’re living the “Free to Be Me” life with their families and friends!


Now tell us! What do you like to do with vegan cheese? Post in the comments!