Treeline Treenut Cheese – Local Vegan Fromagerie

We heard about it
Then we saw it
Then we tasted it and were like…
French-style VEGAN cheese, FINALEMENT! 
Momma Mac is a cheese snob. Whenever she would buy cheese, it wouldn’t be your run-of-the-mill cheese slice or block. She had to go to a cheesemonger to get something “fancy” and “sophisticated.” Grilled cheese wasn’t just with Kraft Singles (cheese food). She had to have something “elevated.” So, I grew up knowing all of these kinds of cheeses and really not appreciating them until I became older.
When Artie and I went vegan, cheese was one of things that was we missed the most. So, I was perfectly fine with any kind of cheese that had a vegan label on it. While there are a few brands I really like, many left me a bit “blah.” Slices, shreds, sauces and wedges…some good, some terrible. But what about spreads? Spreadable cheese…not that aerosol cheese…but good, comforting spreads that go nicely with a water table cracker or melba toast. I grew up with these spreads that had herbs, veggies and even some wine…full of flavor…and not light on your wallet. What would I find now?
We saw ads and posts about this company called Treeline Treenut Cheese, based less than 2 hours north of NYC! We wanted to try it, not only because it was vegan, but because it sounded as close to authentic as you can get for French-style cheese, specially soft, spreadable cheese! It would take us a bit, but we finally got to taste it for the first time at The Seed 2.0 last month. Right on the spot, we bought a container of Herb Garlic French Style Soft Cheese as well as their Classic Hard Cheese. Stretch on the wallet? Actually, not really for what you’re getting!
Made from a cashew nut base, all varieties are dairy-free, have zero cholesterol and are gluten-free! No soy or palm oil included! Considering the price of nuts nowadays, and the products’ shelf life (about a month), it’s well worth it, whether for a splurge or just because it’s THAT good. 
The real test came the other day. I was talking to Momma Mac about vegan cheese and told her about Treeline. Of course, the questions came up about how it was made and how it tasted. Sadly, I ran out of crackers, but offered her a taste from a butter knife. She tasted it, went for more and nodded. She said it tasted like a good spread, very creamy…and she wanted more. SCORE!

Remind me to order more of these crackers for Momma Mac to enjoy more cheese!

P.B. Popps by Earth Balance

Proper snack when reading back issues of Vegetarian Times
Addictive is not the word for these bad boys from Earth Balance! P.B. Popps comes from Earth Balance’s latest line of snack food yum-yums! Mac and I had been stalking the aisles of our local Whole Foods, hoping to see them. But alas, NO! (WHY?!?!). So, we did the next best thing…and ordered them online! 
When they arrived, we tore the bag open, like cats tweaking on catnip. We’re peanut butter junkies. The combination of peanut butter with popcorn was “DIVINE” as Macaroon cheered. We ate the bag in one sitting, and then whimpered when there was no more. So guess what we did? ORDERED MORE!
Honestly, we can’t say a bad thing about these snacks. I’d love to see if they ever do one with chocolate drizzle. That would be…AMAZE-POPPS! Mac loves them with some plain yogurt and fruit in an attempt at a healthy breakfast. 
If it’s vegan, it’s healthy, right? lol. 

Best served on soy yogurt? We’ll see about that!

Vegan Donut Workshop with The Cinnamon Snail – NYC

Time to make the (vegan) donuts!

Before we journeyed to the Wild Wild West for Vida Vegan Con, we had a BLAST of an evening donut making with Adam Sobel of the BEST food truck in NYC, The Cinnamon Snail. We love donuts, but making them has always eluded us. Macaroon even tried to make them, but ended up with a yucky doughy mess. So, we’ve left donuts to the experts of vegan treats! If you’ve never had a donut from The Cinnamon Snail…you are missing out!

When the opportunity came to enroll in Adam’s Vegan Donut Workshop at the Institute of Culinary Education, we were in! It was a great learning experience. We learned a bit about the history of donuts, how to use a donut dropper and made a mix of cake and raised donuts of the following varieties:
In the end, all of us were giddy kids on sugar highs covered in flour and sugary glaze, just like the treats we made. We each brought home a box and a set of recipes to try at home. Adam was even nice enough to let us treat him like the rock star he is ,and sign our recipe booklet. 
If you can get a class on how to many vegan donuts, do it! Do it! DO IT! It’ll be AWESOME!
So many photos. So much fun! Here’s a slideshow to live vicariously through our donut-ty bliss!

Westchester Veggie EatUp @ Jolo’s Kitchen

Meet up and eat up!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we LOVE Jolo’s Kitchen in New Rochelle, NY! Friday evening, we organized and hosted our first MeetUp event with the Westchester Veggie EatUp group in the ‘burbs of NYC. It was a lovely evening with great food, music, people and positive vibes, held at Jolo’s Kitchen upcoming “new” location on 415 North Avenue in the city of New Roc (right across the street from the current location)!

We enjoyed sampler plates of good eats:

  • Wild rice
  • Kale and cabbage
  • Black beans
  • Veggie duck
  • Veggie ribs

We also had some homemade ginger beer and amazing desserts including lemon cake, chocolate cake and a delicious fruit salad with papaya!

Good solid tunes piped through the spot, thanks to DJ Steve Brock. We were treated to an a-capella serenade of “Smile” by Nat King Cole by Jolo’s sous chef, “The Singing Chef,” Mr. Ras Chemash Lamed. Check out one of his performances in New Orleans, LA on  YouTube! AMAZING!

The best quote of the night came from Jolo’s #1 customer: “If you let the animals live, then you can live it up!” BRILLIANT and totally signified the evening!

A HUGE THANKS to Jolo, Tania and team for everything they did to put this evening together for all of us! A HUGE THANKS To everyone who joined us! We hope to do it again soon!

Here’s a slideshow of the evening’s festivities: