What Would Carlo Eat? Episode 2 – Sexy Chips – Spinach & Matcha Tea Kettle Potato Chips

It’s Episode 2 of “What Would Carlo Eat?” That means, we need to invest in better lighting and a “studio” soon!

This week, Carlo tried Sexy Chips Spinach & Matcha Tea Kettle Potato Chips. These come from the folks at Sexy Pop in Sea Cliff, NY. The company makes gourmet-style popcorns and potato chips.

Their bold packaging is indicative if their bold flavors. These Spinach & Matcha Tea chips fit the bill! Having met them at Natural Products Expo East, Carmella couldn’t want to try these. She loved them. Carlo made a face, because as he hadn’t heard of matcha tea. Tea in a chip was a little bit weird for him. However, as it goes with WWCE (What Would Carlo Eat?), if it’s vegan, Carlo has to try it. And so, he did!

Sexy Pop offers a variety of snacks in very interesting flavor combinations. You should start seeing the Spinach & Matcha Tea variety soon in local stores. For more info, visit SexyPop.com

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